And Babies Make Seven

by - Valerie Koning Keelan


Valerie was raised in Northern Ontario, Canada, never dreaming that she would someday be a parent to five children, including a set of quadruplets. She received a B.A. from the University of Waterloo. After her marriage, she worked as a newspaper columnist for a few years. She also volunteered with her church and several community agencies. When her sons were born, she stopped working outside the home, and became a full-time mother.

Her children are now adults, and living their own lives. This has allowed Valerie time to relax and follow her own interests, doing crossword and jumble puzzles. She composts, recycles, and reduces her energy consumption…still trying to atone for using so many disposable diapers!

Why I wrote the book . . .

"I could never write a book about my life," a friend said to me. "I wouldn't want everyone to be privy to my thoughts."

That comment started a train of thought...why did I feel the need to write a book about my life?

 When I was seventeen and living in Northern Ontario, I was injured in a serious car accident. I recovered and continued to live my life, but I had become known, in some circles, as “the girl who was in the accident.”

Several years later, when I moved to Southern Ontario, to attend university, no one knew that I had been in a car accident. I got married and gave birth to a daughter. Three years after that, I gave birth to quadruplets, and my moniker changed again.

“You’re the lady who had the babies,” clerks in stores would say to me when they saw my name on a cheque. Even three years after the event…I was still “the lady who’d had the babies.”

I didn’t have time to tell my children stories about my life, when they were young, and even when I had time, I find it difficult to organize my thoughts and then verbalize them, because of the brain injury.

And Babies Make Seven is my gift to my children and now grandchildren.


The Book

And Babies Make Seven is Valerie's first book, although she has written for local newspapers and newsletters.